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California Air National Guard 2001srt BFR/BFS Space transport wing

May 5, 2018

This project is paid for and authorized under the US constitution as a state militia expenditure and establishes  a state-funded unit that is hoped would draw federal funding

We also propose using the state initiative and referendum for voter approval

The state of California shall purchase 10 BFR/BFS vehicles over a 15 year period to serve as military transport for Earth Point to Point logistics and to encourage the rebirth of California aerospace industry

The State of California would pioneer Earth point to point transport from a California Air National Guard facility

Polar orbits from California align very well with Diego Garcia and the Middle East. Earth point to point transport means that the BFR could be used to crew up Reserve MSC Ro-Ro ships in Diego Garcia within a day and have those ships underway within 24 hours. Deployment of union hall and MARAD sailors aboard BFR means approved coast guard training courses as a part of the RAC/STCW required courses.

Large numbers of California Airmen and other  military personnel would become astronauts providing a competitive advantage to the state



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