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Modified landing legs attach points for New Glenn & Falcon 9 for SRB attachment to utilize end of life launch vehicles as space station wet labs

April 16, 2018

We write another post advocating first stages as wet lab space stations by launching them without payloads and with SRB’s to get them to orbit.

In the case of the ULA Vulcan vehicle, it might have the ability to loft itself into orbit with no payload. In the case of ULA this would have to be a new vehicle since it is not reused. Cryogenic Methane makes for the Vulcan first stage space station an attractive option to habitual volume.

In the case of New Glenn even more so the New Glenn does not use SRB however, so its thought the landing legs attach points could be modified for SRB attach points? The New Glenn would need a modest payload and that would be the proposed IXION docking port.IXION is the ULA Nanoracks proposal to repurpose a Centaur upper stage as a habitat. The BFR, New Glenn, and Vulcan launchers all offer very roomy propellent tanks as wet lab habitats.

SpaceX Falcon 9 is less attractive due to its narrow and long claustrophobic propellent tanks as a space station wet lab, however, it might be useful as storage.






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