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Uranus Orbiter Flagship Mission Ballistic orbit escape!

April 5, 2018


Titania and Oberon  Uranus satellites orbit north and south of the solar ecliptic plane so we think a Uranus orbiter doing a satellite tour would fly out a trajectory that would have a cone that is south or north of the solar ecliptic, this is fortuitous in that many Centaurs and trojans are not on the ecliptic plane. There is a Uranus Trojan that appears to be above the ecliptic to the North Uranus Trojan After decadal survey requirements are met this Ice Giant flagship would pump up its orbital petals to longer duration orbits these might inform us of the nature of any Uranian Magnetotail.

The “cones” we mentioned are adopted from Dr. Amanda Zangara papers on gas and ice giant flybys to SBAG targets. In this case, the Uranus moons target the final flyby to escape with Cones that direct north and south of the ecliptic. This would be a mission extension to a flagship Ice giant orbital mission and a planetary quarantine maneuver.

We also have a blog entry in regards to Triton orbital escape to a TNO









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