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End of life use of reusable core stages as wetlab space stations

February 13, 2018

(A)(1) SpaceX Falcon and Falcon heavy core stages for use as future wet labs after their economic life as reusables are over(2) Falcon heavy center core to orbit without a payload.There is a student university study of a Falcon first stage in LEO being refueled and self-ferry to Mars orbit

(A)(3) Blue Origin New Glen first stage as wet lab at end of life as a reusable launch vehicle

(A)(4) SpaceX BFR first stage as a wet lab space station at end of life as a launch vehicle this would be the mother of all space stations 🙂 Can the BRF first stage get into orbit without a payload?

All wet lab recycled core stages could have multiple uses as Propellent depots as well as space stations



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