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BFR/ITS revenue & self ferry flights from off shore camp Pendleton to the east coast & Polar orbit

December 29, 2017

Hypothesis; self-ferry BFR and ITS with passengers and cargo from a launch offshore of Camp Pendleton Ca and inland national forests around Mount Palomar observatory to Spaceport America for the BFR with the ITS delivered to Texas and/or Florida

This would be done instead of land or sea transport of BFR/ITS from Hawthorne Ca. The inland route across Camp Pendleton and the national forests are low population areas in case of a mishap.Cruise ships often preposition from one part of the world to another and offer low fares so passengers and cargo could make these repositioning trips.BFR could make intermediate stops at NASA centers in route for government cargos and passengers with local and state governments setting up spaceports at each site.NASA centers would vie to have these.

Utilizing NASA centers as BFR spaceports is a long-term marketing strategy, it encourages the centers to spend center funds to load passengers and cargo onto these short hops California to Florida ferry flights and possibly encourages the FAA to permit overland flights.Thes flights serve as suborbital science missions.

The Offshore Camp Pendleton launch site could be San Diego and Los Angelus airport authority sponsored

Offshore Camp Pendleton provides for an ITS Sunsynchronus Polar orbits that could feature a cargo bay with a vast hosted payload of earth observation and weather sensors.The 40 passengers cabins would offer seasonal views of the Arctic and Antarctic! Perhaps the vast size of the ITS offers low vibration from docking human crews to the earth observation instruments?

After a number of years, this Polar orbit ITS would return to earth for refurbishment and flight



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