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ULA ACES deployed ESPA Ring as Titan lander

November 2, 2017

ULA ACES with three ESPA rings, one aft deploys a solar array two forewords of the ACES dome host Saturn Titan science payload

The foreword most ESPA ring detaches and inflates a HAID for Titan EDL and is designed to float and deploy a small tethered submarine.Possibly the HAID is deployed beforehand with the Cryogenic Xenon tank and is used to circularize the orbit of Titan

Let’s borrow the $700 Million cost engineering figure for 13 instruments at 150 Kg and deep space avionics and com/nav from the Ice Giants study group report and add the Vulcan Aces for an even $1 Billion?

This post is a part of a family of ideas that beat the cost engineering of the Ice Giant study report

Cost engineering and Leveraged ESOP funding


ULA ACES upper stage as planetary probe





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