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Supersychronus orbit Fuel depot to deploy “Rappolee flowers” & enables  “Supersychronus distributed launch”

July 15, 2017

Supersychronus orbit Fuel depot to deploy “Rappolee flowers” & enables  “Supersychronus distributed launch”

Based on this post, Rappolee Flowers

Supersychronus orbit perigee might need to be raised higher in some trades? Rappolee Flowers” are fairings and payload adapter brought to an economically useful orbit to produce power from a fairing deployed solar array and sunshade for docked Fuel depots.Perhaps this works best with an all-electric payload(weight)and the Rappolee Flower is the secondary payload.

Supersychronus orbit allows for a powersat/fuel depot combination to stay out of the geosynchronous satellite belt.This system makes dual use of payload fairings and payload adapter but with a payload weight penalty?

This system is meant to mimic our post in regards to our adaptation of a student university study of a Falcon heavy lifting its core stage to orbit for distributed launch of propellant to refill the core stage to enable a transit to Mars (citation here) I/we had modified this to include refueling a Rappolee Flower Fuel depot.My paper/lab notes from 2009/10 describe a Falcon stage in super synchronous orbit as the “distributed” launch target vehicle.So ULA might have coined the term but they did not invent the idea.

Supersynchronus orbit might be a base for any satellite servicing businesses & is a base to journey onwards to other cislunar locations.We assume that satellite serving for the GEO customers are primary with Lunar customers secondary.However, as the economy expands the supersychronus depot becomes the customer of lunar and asteroid ISRU propellant and consumables.

HESFP,  “Highly evolved secondary fairing payload”



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