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ACES duel use as wet lab and water source for an attached ISS class module enshrouded with a water inflated Bigalow inflatable

June 17, 2017

ACES duel use as wet lab and water source for an attached ISS class module enshrouded with a water inflated Bigalow inflatable

Fueled ACES delivers itself and an ISS derived Gateway module to Cislunar space.ISS derived module is attacked/docked to ACES with a hatch.ISS module is enshrouded in a Bigalow inflatable that inflates and receives deliver water from ACES ICE engine to fill the spaces between the Bigelow and the ISS derived Module to provide radiation shelter.

This idea is the mirror idea to the Skylab-II post that sports an ISS module enshrouded with a Bigelow with water EUS ISS water inflated gateway

The  ISS water inflated gateway is inspired by the NASA Huntsville advanced projects Skylab-II paper.It imagines an ISS module inside an SLS propellant tank derived space station with water fill in the Skylab to provide radiation protection to the ISS derived module.We have replaced the Skylab with ACES or EUS and Bigalow with the lighter weight inflatable to hold water

The ISS module would need scuba diving ports to access the spaces around the ISS module and this allows for ideas from a prior post that involves that kelp human migration routes through the sky 

Kelp highway to the stars

Seawater inoculated with barnacles and other encrusting organisms to experiment with encrusting and attachments to solid surfaces in Zero Gee.these would encrust on the inner surface of the Bigalow inflatable and the ISS derived module.many years ago I spoke to a Bigalow ECLESS subcontractor about how to keep the interior well lite and he said something about light pipes, I learned something that day.I have posted before years ago about such Life filled water spaces being a sink and reservoir for many ECLESS systems.Organisms from the sea might make that transition to microgravity the best of many candidates and many are edible.Canada has been studying an old Asian concept of polyculture aquaculture that they have renamed IMTA or Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture that features fish produced nitrates that are absorbed by bivalves and seaweed.Such a system might take a while to work in microgravity so we would need the ECLESS system to regulate the experiment.We do this on earth now with public aquariums.This gives rise to the idea a public aquarium could be partners in this flight experiment.An ISS derived module surrounded by a seawater inflated structure with encrusting organisms would look like a shipwreck or artificial reef and this would be a tremendous achievement.

ACES ICE engine exhaust (H2O) would feed into the salt water radiation shield, Human ECLESS products such as methane can flow through the ICE engine.Fresh water can be extracted back out of this system to produce LH2 LO2 and GO2.Whoever brought the water up owns all or some of the rights to the water

Future propellant depots could serve has vast kelp seawater reservoirs that serve as both an Aquaculture and propellant/consumables staging area.






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