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Terrestrial & Cislunar Exploration Technologies ESOP colonization compact

May 4, 2017

We the 200 passengers on the spaceship hereby pledge our mutual fortunes and future prosperity and wellbeing and happiness to one another through our California public benefit corporation and ESOP.

We pledge to share our intellectual and entrepreneurial ideas to one another through our ESOP to advance our cause of making mars and other worlds our home.We pledge to spread the joy of new found knowledge with everyone back in our original home.

We will Borrow $ 200 Million for our passage and purchase of the spaceship and reuse the spaceship to earn revenue to bring yet more passengers.Our passage there for is a business expense towards future revenues and is a liability of the ESOP corporation.If we fail we do not owe as individuals but if we work hard and succeed the $200 million plus our other investments in mars architecture becomes our pension plan in the decades ahead.

Think of the Mayflower compact but I have added in the philosophy of Employee ownership together with that of the for profit public benefit corporation.



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