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Distributed Decadal survey launch on HLLV’s

February 28, 2017

At OPAG 2017 it was suggested to me that SLS could loft an Ice giant mission with a venus probe delivered through a Venus flyby, this thought reminded me of my Grand Unified AO proposal.The difference here of course is you would propose an Ice Giant mission in the same time frame as a Venus Discovery AO or an AO Discovery AO for any decadal survey object of interest that matches the SLS manifest.This presents problems with funding for one-off venus probes or any other probe co-manifested on SLS.Perhaps

Perhaps concepts of serially produced Ice giant/Ocean world probes with costs distributed over a decade and a half could lower costs enough for a robust discovery program that launches with those probes. Except for Venus, it’s unlikely for this idea to work, my thoughts are that many Discovery class missions are in fact ride share with the Ice Giant Missions under my grand unified AO proposal. 





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