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Phase 2 RPS RFP Air Force EELV synergies with reusable/recoverable SSME/RS-25 and other engine manufacters

January 6, 2017

the post is made without using any information in the  Phase 2 RPS RFP Bidder’s Library, and only uses information that is in the public domain and ideas from previous posts from this blog

My company signed an NDA to this effect not to disclose anything to be found there, I am hoping however that the bidders list and contractors Q & A forms might become public in some form with the permission of the Air Force and those contractors some day as those are a teachable moment for students  and the public.

So the blog posts here have to do with synergies between government agency’s(NASA and AF/DOD NRO) and perhaps the international ISS partners who might have an  American subsidiary here in America.

The Air Force wants products that can withstand the commercial marketplace and the earlier draft RPS talked of synergy’s with other government customers so that the thought that occurs to us is that the RPS RFP has Congressional mandated language in regards to our Russian ISS partners, it does not have language that prohibits European contractors

ULA  and Ariane space have proposed methods to recover engines from first stages, SpaceX also proposes to recover the first stage and the air force requires that any bidder shares this with all providers.

We think that the Europeans could build their winged fly-back the vehicle in both the unites states and Europe and recover the SSME/RS-25 and their engine from their launch vehicle.We would need a winged flyback vehicle to recover a two SSME engine core EELV. An SLS strap On? if this was a 3 SSME engine core CBC might not be recoverable by air as ULA suggests and would require the winged lander.

We contend along with the white house that a kerosene engine without a launch vehicle warrants a veto threat, it should be noted the RFP will not consider such a proposal in any event.So lets examine this idea, If the air force wants to share of the product you would want to submit separate bids for your launcher and engine, The engine must be sold to all your launch vehicle not so….


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