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Skylab-II MAX

December 26, 2016

Skylab-II Max utilizes the maximum payload capability of SLS or BFR to LEO, This should be larger than the proposed Skylab-II.The Skylab-II is pressurized with air or Xenon.(A)(1) inside the spacecraft and all around the outer wall are bottles/tanks of compressed Xenon.This needs study has a radiation shield. ARRM derived SEP tug docks with Skylab-II Max.SEP tug is 10 Tons of Xenon, we need to study the weight of Xenon and air on the Skylab-II.Study mission design of this system to cislunar from LEO  and Mars DRM.Skylab-II Max would loft an LH2 tank with all 5 barrels and end caps.Skylab-II MAX is essentially lofting into LEO a SLS first stage as a payload

(A)(2)prepositioning any habitat before crew arrival with the habitat serving as SEP propellant tank should greatly extend any mission design.


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