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A protocol for brewers spent grains and a noodle manufacture for local tastes

December 26, 2016

A protocol for brewers spent grains and a noodle manufacturer for local tastes

A first example I derive from Soba noodles much loved in Japan and elsewhere.

And a most excellent program NHK Japanology “SOBA”

To use a spent brewer’s Buckwheat we need to find evidence of brewers who use buckwheat, youtube has sparse evidence of this, however, buckwheat and others are being used to brew gluten-free drinks.The second idea is to dry the spent Buckwheat utilizing smoke from a meat smoking operation.This, in turn, would give any spent grain made into flour a smoky essence and make its way into the noodles. Spent grain can be made into bread

The American rust belt could also have 1,500 small noodle making export mini business with our richness in grains and soybeans


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