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BART/Muni California High-Speed Rail down Geary and 19th Avenue 2.0

December 25, 2016

Thanks for the insight! (@kieran)  I am an SF rent HUD/Vash refugee as in they refused to allow me to transfer my housing voucher back to SF so I have been away for a long time. Yes, I was not suggesting sharing of tracks for any of these systems and I can not imagine high-speed rail wanting to do this unless there was an economic argument for at least 1 station somewhere along the Geary to south route.Also, it would seem Highspeed rail would want to be compensated for a portion of its tunneling costs.It seems to me I saw BART maps (2050) that show a BART out to the beach and then south but I like 19th street better for all the reasons you mention.The agency with bond selling powers or by agreement could pay for more upfront costs or the lead agency and the other agency could pay the others. The 19th street above ground might cost a lot less but the mayhem and noise from operations seem to rule that could excavate 19th and infill this system perhaps? So my main question is was MUNI/Bart under market street twice as expensive?when BART was set up SF Muni got that for free! My thoughts are Geary and points south drives more passengers to both systems and that would increase that 15% revenue to both systems. Ummm just now I realized why you do want high-speed rail down part of Geary or some other route; that some day you will have a Sacramento to SF connection that’s when BART could share systems such as a light rail infill between SF and Sacramento 🙂

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