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New Glenn and Delta-IV Propellent tank derived Skylab-II

December 14, 2016

Let us COMPARE LAUNCH VEHICLE CORE STAGE DIAMETERS; SATURN 5; 25.1 Meters long  LH2 tank Skylab.6.6-meter diameter

SLS  LH2 tank 39.624 meters long Skylab-II MAX, diameter 8.5 meters.Almost 1500 cubic meters.

SLS LH2 tank 11.15 meters long skylab-II, diameter 8.5 meters.495 cubic meters

Vulcan New Glenn BFR

Mars DRM 5 drop tanks Meters LH2 tank 22.7 Meters length 10 meters diameter

(A)Delta-IV Core stage and CBC LH2 tanks, The Liquid Hydrogen Tank is about 26.3 meters in length and capable of holding 29,500 Kilograms (416 cubic meters)The entire Delta V first stage is 40.8 meters in length and according to Delta V CBC mass minus the engine is 20 MT.Delta V heavy can loft 28 MT to LEO so Delta V heavy could loft another core stage as a space station.Delta V space station would be 92 meters tall

(B) Proposed Skylab-II (496 cubic meters)SLS LH2 tank two barrows. 

(C) SLS LH2 tank comes to (9,152 cubic Meters)
5.1 meters in diameter
These launch vehicles are due to size and propellants make good candidates for retrofitting their LH2 or LCH4 tanks into LEO space stations.These space stations would serve to encourage additional space station modules such as Bigelow to purchase docking rights and to serve as backup power and consumables and refuge & rescue in event of malfunction.Both ends of the propellant tank could have multiple docking ports.The SLS and Delta V LH2 tanks at more than 100 feet in length easily clears ISS geometry hazards from solar arrays and radiators to allow multiple docking ports at the aft end.ISS would appear to have a keel as was originally planned for space station freedom in the 1980s.

New Glenn and Delta IV LH2 propellant tanks would make for excellent space station components 


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