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The Commonwealth of the United Kingdom 2.0

July 13, 2016

The Commonwealth of the United Kingdom 2.0

(A)(1)Independent commonwealth states of Gibraltar ,Northern Ireland and Scotland would together OR with other commonwealth states share foreign relations and military and economic assistance.(2)This includes the nation-state of England should she chose to do so.

(A)(3) under article 50 the principles of self-determination set out in the articles of the outermost regions This means the OCT territory’s associated with an English nation-state would have common citizenship rights in the commonwealth of the united kingdom with Gibraltar, Northern Ireland and Scotland.Such a citizen would become an EU citizen while living in the commonwealth of the united kingdom but not when living in England.

(A)(4) If such rights exist under article 50 AND the OCT then how could it be that Scotland Northern Ireland and Gibraltar do not have such rights under article 50?Inside the Commonwealth of the United kingdom, England would be  an outermost region of the EU and this way there can be a shared citizenship

(A)(5) as mentioned in the first commonwealth blog article the good Friday agreement gives the right of self-determination to Northern Ireland so under article 50 this should be reaffirmed but any such vote must give the choices of independence in commonwealth, reunion with Ireland, stay with England.It should be pointed out that here to England could agree that Northern Ireland could be an outermost territory still inside the EU but a part of England****

(B)(1) **** if you are going to do this then the question arises can the UK leave the EU and leave everyone else an outermost territory in the EU? If you did that under article 50 you are asking that the EU parliament to admit MEP from those “states”I think the UK as the legal representative cannot leave and do this I think under article 50 leads to independence votes held under article 50(2)Spain as veto powers and would block an independent EU member Gibraltar so Gibraltar could be that outermost region with Scotland or Northern Ireland or both.(3) if blocked by Spain the election that confers Scottish citizenship or UK commonwealth citizenship under the OCT to Gibraltar confers EU citizenship.

(B)(4) EU article 299 and EU articles 182-188 are the outermost regions  OCT’s and EU special territories so we propose that the under article 50 the “commonwealth of the United kingdom” would be the successor states to the EU except for England.England would be the success state to the UN and NATO, however, the commonwealth would be a shared military affair.

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