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Fissionable outer layer fusion micro capsule as a target for a standoff power beam weapons system

June 29, 2016


This URL is an early blog article about  ideas from as early as 2011 that I shared with the NIF facility at Livermore labs.An idea I with held from sharing publicly I shared with the NIF users group in the fall of last year,I received an interesting reply, the reply was a request not to submit the idea to the user groups channels.

This I found odd, The 10’s of Billions spent on NIF was for science but also to verify physics for the stockpile stewardship program.To be sure I proposed running the idea of fission/fusion micropellets through the NIF supercomputer as I am sure a highly enriched fissionable outer layer micropellet would contaminate the INF target chamber.

So what did I propose through the NIF users group that they found so objectionable? I am not sure they would not tell me.I suspect perhaps it was not fission/fusion micropellets in the NIF target chamber,I think it was the weapons system I proposed to them.My proposed weapons system is based on the fission/fusion micropellets as in space starship propellent systems.

Here is what I proposed, some delivery system strategic or tactical (local or long range delivery) places micropellet fission/fusion in a combat location.A local or long range asset with a power beam weapons system(Laser) fires and ignites the micropellets/ microcapsules.

I do not know what the trades are here? could a handheld laser ignite a fission/fusion micropellet? I think that unlikely.

Could a Bomber with a laser beamed weapon ignite a flock of micropellets from a standoff range of   hundreds of miles? (rain,fog,clouds)


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