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A Proposed Hong Kong Foreign worker Nanny,Au per, housekeeper ESOP

June 27, 2016

A Proposed Hong Kong Foreign worker Nanny,Au per, housekeeper ESOP

Retains the surplus value of the labor of the foreign nanny,housekeeper,au par for the future benefit of those workers.Needs a comprehensive knowledge of Hong Kong Coop employee ownership laws.

We propose that the city of Hong Kong and the enlightened employers would allow time for at least 1  university course per semester for each housekeeper, nanny.Both the city and the university, as well as the ESOP, would represent a pool of money and opportunity so that the foreign household worker could achieve a two-year degree in a 6 year period of employment.

Foreign workers who manage this ESOP would be treated under the permanent resident rule  for executives

In Hong Kong there is no special regualtion of employee ownership except for stock regulation under securities laws there is some unfortunate tax laws on capital gains



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