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Article 50 of the EU and The proposed Commonwealth of The United Kingdom

June 24, 2016

We the people of the United kingdom through Parliament and the people of the European Union through the European council and Parliament agree to hold referendums on independence for Scotland,Northern Ireland and Wales if  elected to do so.These referendums would be honored by the European Union through Article 50 as the right to EU membership  by newly independent succeeding states

The United Kingdom and the EU agree that the referendum should state “I vote yes or no to independence and EU membership” In Northern Ireland the ballot should read, “I vote for reunification”, “I vote for independence” “I vote to remain with the UK” A runoff election shall be held among the two highest vote results if there is not a 50% majority.Agreements allowing free movement of Peoples between Ireland and the UK shall continue and will be adopted by “Commonwealth of the United Kingdom” a proposed political entity(see below)   Northern Irish Voter opinion

The UK and the EU agree under article 50 that the referendum might result in independence and if so it is agreed in advance that there shall be created a commonwealth of the United Kingdom.England would succeed to the UN and international bodies as the original member state, independent states would become members of the commonwealth of nations and in currency Union and customs union with the Pound.The commonwealth of the UK shall guarantee free movement of people’s between its member states for citizens.This means a citizen of England could migrate by right to Scotland and become a EU citizen again while in residency.

This English citizen residence in Scotland would need to establish a passport to migrate to the EU.  EU citizens would need to spend time in Scotland long enough for citizenship** to have the right to migrate to England.**The Commonwealth of the UK would recognize that all of its citizens are dual nationals of its members.A EU citizen in residence in Scotland would need to become a citizen to migrate to England or use the English visa border control

The EU under article 50 would guarantee that free movement of goods and services across the commonwealth borders would enjoy special statuses with EU trade but direct trade to and from England and the EU is subject to WTO and other trade agreements.

Gibraltar shall be allowed to hold a referendum to its future status as to the Commonwealth of the United kingdom and the EU shall under article 50 agree to this.The ballot for Gibraltar shall give the option of continued EU membership by joining with Scotland or Northern Ireland.



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