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An architecture for the SLS/Lunar first Fanboys & Girls

April 17, 2016

This architecture is inspired by the following FISO Texas presentation   Lunar orbits .The SLS could be best used if a serially produced payload manufactured from the SLS’s own production machinery was that payload.

This idea is put forth by the advocates of a SLS derived space station the skylab-II.Skylab was manufactured from Saturn V tanks so the proposed skylab-II would be manufactured from  SLS Hydrogen tanks. FISO Texas Skylab-II presentation My thoughts are that SLS could place multiple Skylab-II in some of the lunar orbits studied in the lunar orbit study.Earth Moon Lagrange points(EML-2) DRO (distant lunar retrograde) and the report argues for the NRO orbit or Lunar rectilinear orbit.The Orion has limits to its range as far as propellent and weight go so DRO to Lunar South Pole base are with in its range of capability.

Jon Goff’s views on the same FISO presentation lunar orbital options NRO VS EML-2

I did not know of  these Lunar retinguler lunar orbits until last week’s FISO so I learn something new! Jon Goff helps explain it better than I can however Jon helps me ask better questions.I believe the FISO paper discusses lunar gravity transfers between NRO and EML-2 but not much detail.To build on Jons views the existence of Skylab-II and Bigelow cyclers might solve human crew mission duration problems.






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  1. It might be possible to get the entire SLS core to lunar orbit or L2. The reason is the SLS can get the core to LEO with the initial base version without an upper stage and carry payload. NASA keeps quoting 70 metric tons to orbit. But knowledgeable insiders give the payload as closer to 90 metric tons. Then you could use this payload as extra fuel to carry the SLS core stage to a translunar trajectory.
    It might also work instead of filling the payload canister with extra fuel, to leave the payload canister completely empty and then use the fuel thereby left unburnt in the core to make the extra burn to the Moon.

    Such a huge tank could then be used as a fuel depot or L2 space station even larger than the ISS.

    Bob Clark

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