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Expansion to gas of cryogenic ullage Neon as a power source

April 9, 2016

Expansion to gas of cryogenic ullage Neon as a power source

Cryogenic Neon has one of the largest liquid to gas expansion volumes known and as such should allow for a lightweight in space tank.Perhaps the expanding Neon used as ullage gas and subsequent use as a SEP propellant could also turn a flywheel as it turns to gas to generate electrical power? metering the Neon as ullage may present problems in flight during launch so such a cogeneration system might find better use on a fuel depot.Or Metering rate problems mean two Neon tanks on the launch vehicle one for fluids the other high-pressure gas, this would not be ideal.

Expansion of Neon can also inflate Bigelow habitats as blogged about earlier in posts that talk about habitats being used as propellant tanks for SEP systems in preposition of habitats mission design.

As blogged before the SEP engine would be collocated with Chemical propellant IVF engine

Ground-based launch operations provides the cryogenic Neon and should be considered the charging of the Battery


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