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My answer to the Donalds idea to scrap the nuclear non-proliferation treaty

March 28, 2016

First thoughts are this is a very bad idea, on the other hand, knowledge of nuclear weapons fabrication is “inevitable”  to most of the nations of the world through time. Political will  over time are less “inevitable”

So I propose an idea that would make nation states that withdraw from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty without sanctions a fustian bargain.(A) the nation-state must be a democracy (B) The nation-state must agree to joint development of nuclear weapons and of joint control.(C)joint control means that use of the weapons must require that the nation states heads of states must all jointly agree to use of said weapons and this means simultaneous input of heads of states keys into a common arming code mechanism.

In the case of Donald Trump’s suggestion this would mean Japan and Korea, however, in the 1970’s there was a secret Taiwanese Korean nuclear weapons effort that the CIA Uncovered. Both states were under totalitarian governments and the Americans aborted the effort.

In my suggestion Taiwan could secretly sign on to this agreement with the idea to deny but with the idea that no one could invade any member state without a possible response.

Oddly my idea allows an isolationist Trump America to withdraw troops from this region but it would be a mistake to do so, America could leave some troops under this Donald scenario but Trump would be making a mistake to abandon influence. In an emergency, with no time the triad could have a Norad like command with Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese commanders.

We here, however, suggest a Ballistic submarine where Taiwanese and Korean and Japanese triad of commanders would be required to launch an attack as stated above and that any land-based deterrent have the


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