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In space noble gas inflatable structures

March 28, 2016

In space Noble gas inflatable structures or  Xenon Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator ( X-HAID)  Or ( HAID-Xe2)

SEP propellants kept at cryogenic temps at fuel depots transfer fuel to inflatable by inflating with noble gas, Inflatable solar array a plus.Transfers payload and/or becomes itself the payload at destination.This post is meant to feature the idea below.

inflatable aerodynamic decelerates spacecraft at Uranus to inter orbit. Could be inflated with noble gases that are then re purposed as propellant for the orbiter saving the weight of the traditional gas used.Risk of puncture by debris and micrometeorites informs us to use the ion engine early in mission to conserve thruster propellant. This concept most likely works best with a probe outfitted in mission design from the start with the.

A post from several years ago suggested that a commercial crew/cargo capsule with a HAID could decelerate at Uranus so perhaps capsule itself could also be pressurized with Noble gas without effect to the science payload?

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