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Free tuition at Los Positas with proof of BART ridership (2018)

November 23, 2015

Dr Sperling,

     We should find funds to give 1 semester of free tuition at Los Positas college to anyone showing proof of BART ridership from anywhere on the system! (Livermore BART 2018)
Grant writing to the department of transportation and education and this could be a pilot program to a more permanent idea of coupling transit with education
   This idea would be implemented at the start of service of Livermore BART and could serve as a test of BART ridership levels during the semester of this experiment.
  The increased ridership levels would be of interest for local and federal  appropriators who fund mass transit with a formula that is affected by ridership levels
   Property taxes from new development and increased property values near the Proposed Livermore BART station could be added to federal and state funding to make this experiment permanent.
  How popular would this be?The answer has to be what is the maximum carrying capacity of the college? Local students would get priority in class placement and they to would go free with proof of BART ridership,Chabot college  and other community colleges could loan teachers to fill up all of the classroom spaces  night and day.
  The college parking lot could be used for vehicle parking for BART commuters going to work outside Livermore.Parking fees from this activity could fund the free tuition.The proposed Livermore BART station has been criticized for lacking parking  so a BART Los Positas partnership might have many synergies.
Student ID’s could incorporate a BART pass function in a biochip

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