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The Kelp Highway to Mars utilizing Bigalow cyclers filled with salt water

November 7, 2015

The Kelp Highway to Mars utilizing Bigelow cyclers filled with salt water

The First Humans in North America  might have paddled down the Pacific coast Kelp forests to maneuver around the Laurentide ice age ice sheet

 We have proposed over the years an inflatable habitats that could gradually be inflated with seawater made from astronaut metabolites and ISRU and salts.We should investigate sea salt mixtures that could also be from ISRU sources.Life began in the sea,possibly macroorganisms such has kelp could produce rapid biomass growth and provide the substrate for experimental microgravity aquaculture.The mass of the seawater and the macroalgae could provide radiation protection.

  Bigelow 330 is 330 Meters squared and 1 square meter of seawater weighs 1.024 KG. So 330 X 1.024 KG =   342.87 MT! Using aquaculture that doubles as radiation shielding makes sense in the long run.It would take 7 Falcon Heavy’s to fill the Bigelow 330 with seawater at $ 120 million each and 30 tons of Xenon to place into a cycler orbit

IMTA might provide answers to space based aquaculture; Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture


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