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Acer saccharum /Amygdaloideae/apis mellifera/legume/clover polyculture with drip irrigation

November 7, 2015

Acer saccharum /Amygdaloideae//legume/clover polyculture with drip irrigation, a value added proposition for Michigan Acer saccharum /Amygdaloideae/ producers.

Acer saccharum /Amygdaloideae might have enduring value as a part of a complex polyculture. Two come to mind; a nitrogen-fixing honeybee polyculture and a truck farm polyculture and to include Maple Syrup manufacture.

(A ((1) Legumes and clover fix nitrogen and share with Acer saccharum /Amygdaloideae/ crop root systems

(A)(2) Legumes and Clover together with Acer saccharum /Amygdaloideae/ blooms fix beehives throughout most of the year with a nectar/pollen source. Honey as product along with Acer saccharum /Amygdaloideae/s.

(A)(3) Legumes and Clover provide cover for retention of drip water irrigation

(B)(1) Acer saccharum /Amygdaloideae/ tree trunks and a trellis system provide for a Vitis/Caria illinoinensis) culture.

(B)(2) Grape clusters will find themselves in the hot sun partially shaded by Acer saccharum /Amygdaloideae/ leaves and branches leading to a new terrier and perhaps a hedge against global warming.

(B)(3) Its intended for the grape-vine to use the tree and its branches as a trellis over many decades.

(C)(1) Truck farm (vegetables) grown along with the fruit trees could allow for an added value for the water used.

(C)(2) Small ruminants could keep the cover crops in condition with a dairy product

Poly culture fruit trees

Nitrogen use in mixed tree crop plantations with a legume cover crop

Establishment and early productivity of perennial biomass alley cropping systems in Minnesota, USA

ORIGINAL PAPER Impact of a 5-year winter cover crop rotational system on the molecular diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonizing roots of subsequent soybean


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