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The developmentally disabled ESOP acquisition corporation

August 14, 2015

The developmentally disabled ESOP acquisition corporation

ESOP is a worker owned pension fund under ERISA, In this case The ESOP would purchase the equipment and other means of production from Orange Grove, Goodwill Industries and other non profits.The equipment and the workers in most cases will remain on the property of the non profit and the non profit shall continue to provide mental and physical health services.Cash flows sufficient to sustain the equipment and a living wage shall accrue to the ESOP.

The non profit shall have received cash for the equipment and may redeploy cash to further its non profit goals,however its recommended to use the cash to further assist the growth of the ESOP.The ESOP would be entitled to property tax and other tax breaks commonly afforded to other for profit entity’s

Many non profits act unethically towards their clients, developmentally  disabled asked to sort and are cut by glass


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