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Ukraine as a member of the ESA ( European space agency)

June 16, 2015

In Light of recent events in the Ukraine involving Russia and the European Union acknowledging the European aspirations of the Ukrainian people we the nations of the world should help the government of the Ukraine achieve membership in the scientific and engineering intergovernmental organizations there.

We could use redirected foreign military assistance funds to help Ukraine pay for memberships in the European Southern observatory and the European Space agency as suggested in this post,

and here,

Think of the statue outside the United Nations HQ ,”swords to plowshares” In this case its bullets to spacecraft

Ukraine belongs here in the near future,( as does the other EU eastern partnership states)

It would mean a Ukraine launch vehicle lofting from the ESA spaceport in South America

It means we could design a Ariane V launch vehicle with Xenit CBC’s? Or perhaps a Zenit with European engines and VEGA CBC’s?


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