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Intern to subcontractor mentor protege , a model program

June 15, 2015

The chief technologist out at NASA Ames told me last year that a SBIR small business owned by a non engineer could hire an engineer to do the work so here is my idea      ( think I will blog about it today)

Hire Help to write a good kickstarter page

using kickstarter to raise funds to hire a SBIR grant writer

Grant writer might be your engineer as well

Kickstarter phase two raises matching funds to that of the SBIR funds

convince DOD/contractors that internship programs can lead to Mentor protegé subcontractor and not just an employment pathway.

(IE employee to subcontractor)

Intern is an employee,  graduates from intern to mentor protege program and from here goes to transform to a subcontractor

Veterans internship to mentor Protege program,  VIMPP gawwd another acronym


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