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ISS/ARM mission to GTO and on to DRLO 2.5

May 19, 2015

Recovers ISS truss structures and other components for some future use and demonstrates a SEP mission.From 2024 to 2028 EVA missions detach and discard/jettison unwanted mass.EVA missions connect all ISS pressurized modules to the SEP propulsion modules ***.modules are de-crewed and pressurized modules are pressurized with Xenon or Argon

Place ISS Truss and salvaged pressurized modules into DRLO. The proposed ARM SEP carries 6 tons of Xenon how much Xenon could the ISS pressurized modules carry and at what PSI? ISS weighs 420 tons how much Xenon from LEO to DRLO?

ISS has an internal pressurized volume of 32,333 cubic feet, 0.2 Kg of Xenon per square foot so this would be 6466.6 Kg of xenon on board the ISS half of the ARM’s Xenon load. 

EDIT 21 hundred hours 13 June 2015

The above astrodynamics paper has a 1000 Kg spacecraft, a 10 Kw engine with 3,300 ISP and it arrives from LEO to LLO with weight of 791 Kg.So it used 209 Kg of Xenon(?) to get there.So 1/5th the weight is fuel.So 20% of the ISS 420 tons would be 90 tons of Xenon.We would need less since unlike the above paper we are going to EML2 or DLRO.Also the above paper does not use Lunar gravity assists

Van Allan belts will fry the ISS avionics so this would need to be refurbished

EDIT 11 June 2015

*** it could very well be the SEP takes up ISS pressurized Xenon from its modules directly through the docking mechanism with the SEP?  The last commercial cargo to LEO ISS would that of a cargo of Cryogenic Xenon to pressurize the ISS modules.However Cygnus and Dragon cant bring up this much mass so perhaps a modified centaur could?(ACES ?)

We would need a pump to the SEP for when Xenon pressurized ISS modules reduces down to low PSI


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