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employee ownership of the “surplus value of robotic labor” The new 21st century Marx mixed with Capitalism

May 19, 2015

Bill gates states that AI and robots will displace most white-collar workers in 20 years as for the fast food worker we have an Ap for that 🙂 .

so I have an idea for a blog entry all robots must be owned by the people they replace so the worker receives income for the worker who is displaced,This would be mandated by legislation. Corporations would be required to lease the robots from individual citizens in order to replace income. The government would be freed from the expenses of paying for unemployment and welfare.

Another possibility is that individuals would own shares in a coop or ESOP that would rent out these robotic workers, each individual would be entitled to ownership of at least one robot, large manufacturing robots  could owned by several workers.The 50 Million poor folks in America could own this Robotic service worker ESOP so that income equality and guaranteed income for everyone up to a certain level.Bill gates suggested that society would need to guaranty everyone a certain income.

Robotic labor ESOP at VW; a labor negotiating strategy for UAW local 45

VW agrees to replace labor as feasible at its Chattanooga VW plant, UAW local 45 agrees to set up an ESOP owned by VW workers that will own and lease robotic labor back to VW Chattanooga.UAW 45 and VW Chattanooga will consider transferring all workers to include the temp workers and the VW plant to the ESOP. This places the entire VW Chattanooga project into a tax-free statues since pension plans don’t pay income taxes!


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