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Skylab – II; A Mission to the ISS and ACES derived Exploration Upper Stage

December 29, 2014

the Exploration Upper Stage contract


Proposed conops

EM-1    in 2018


EM-2  in   2022


EM-3 in 2024 Skylab-II/1

SLS/Skylab-II/ACES/EUS docks with ISS, demonstrates  cryocooler and insulation of the ACES/EUS


An ACES/EUS burn places stack into maximum ISS altitude;ISS is uncrewed for Van Allen belt crossing, fuel cell produces water and power from boil off.ACES/EUS Cryocooler moderates boil off to the ULA  H2-O2 Thruster System program or the ULA  IVF program. ACES/EUS boil off cools LXe  that powers an ion engine to loft the ISS/Skylab-II stack into  L2 orbit.  Can the ACES/EUS boil off keep 10 metric tons of LXe cryogenic(ARM)? Use the $ 1.5 Billion ARM budget to incorporate ARM ion power stage into the ACES/EUS !  ACES/EUS Skylab-II ISS stack arrives at ELM-2 n 2028/29

EM-4 in 2029 Skylab-II/2 logistics to  Skylab-II/1 in EML-2

EM-5 in 2032 Skylab-II/3 to Deimos


Hypothesis; bringing parts of ISS and a SLS   to EML-2 utilizing a Skylab-II     is a best use and a best efficiency of gradually merging the ISS/SLS budget line items. producing/manufacturing Skylab-II every two to three years out of SLS tanks reduces costs  and brings human crew  to EML-2 and Mars orbit


seeking Mentor Protege

Veteran small business set aside

Steven Torry Rappolee
Terrestrial & Cislunar Exploration technologies
A Post 9/11 Veteran owned concern
810 334 4374
Fax 810 449 5484
UM Flint Student Business Incubator, #207
423 North Saginaw Street,Flint, Michigan, 48502

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