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Guinea Pig ; (Cavia Porcellus) microgravity test organism for deep space food production and an additional reproductive analog to humans

December 25, 2014

Guinea Pig ; (Cavia Porcellus) microgravity test  organism for deep space food production and an additional reproductive analog to humans(Cavia Porcellus Luteal phase in miro gravity)

Reproductive study’s

(A)(1)Guinea Pig as microgravity reproductive research baseline organism with a Luteal phase.



And In Mice,



Manipulate future organisms(GMO) for reproduction in less than earth gravity as data comes in on multi specific flight organisms


A comparative laboratory animal to mouse and rat for microgravity


(A)(1) Cavia Porcellus would enable and inform us as to comparative microgravity studies to those in mouse

(A)(2) Cavia Porcellus is a known laboratory organism in mammalian reproduction and shares with humans the Luteal phase

(A)(3) Cavia Porcellus is a known food animal and lends itself duo to its small size to potential 1/3 and 1/6th G as an astronaut food item

(A)(4) Cavia Por

Ossenkopp, Klaus-Peter, and Margitta D. Ossenkopp. “Motion sickness in guinea pigs< i>(Cavia porcellus) indexed by body rotation-induced conditioned taste aversions.” Physiology & behavior 47.3 (1990): 467-470.

Bazay, D., et al. “Effect of mannan-oligosaccharides on the productive performance of guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus) during the fattening period.”Revista de Investigaciones Veterinarias del Perú (RIVEP) 25.2 (2014): 198-204.

Civia porcellus in captivity feeds on kitchen and yard  food scraps and could be a hypothetical solar system biomass recycler

NASA OCT looks for Earth applications


Cavia Porcellus tissue development in Earth gravity


uKouakou, N., et al. “Effect of a supplementation of< i> Euphorbia heterophylla on nutritional meat quality of Guinea pig (< i> Cavia porcellus L.).” Meat science 93.4 (2013): 821-826.

Ground based Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS) with  Cavia Porcellus as a part of a closed system(Huston lab)



We should investigate unicellular organisms and multicellular weed organisms as feed in a reduced gravity environment

Cavia Porcellus and physiological development during pregnancy needs gravity


Cavia Porcellus has already laid down some “groundwork” on Physiological and organismal level reactions to microgravity

In discussions with charles river lab with a view to NASA SBIR


Charles river protocol for Cavia Porcellus(SBIR NASA)

Charles river protocol for Cavia Porcellus(SBIR NASA) Peru strain

Peru strain could be an international project


$100,000 to develop with a vender a space ready Cavia Porcellus that is a combination of the Charles river organism and the very large mass food animal developed at the university system in Peru ** Intentional cooperation in space exploration would be advanced by partnering with Peru in developing a space ready meat Cavia Porcellus

space flight is expensive! Can we develop a flight ready organism that can provide conflict free multiple experiments on individual animals on a single long-term flight?

Can we develop a reduced human tended monitoring system for a Luteal phase experiment in Cavia Porcellus combined with a motion sickness monitoring flight experiment? My hypothesis is that research organisms as part of a flight experiment are in fact flying in a centrifuge so these experimental organisms already experience these stresses. Surgically implanted monitoring devices may not be more of a stress?

**This would be a Phase 1 NASA OCT under SBIR however there are opportunities to partner with NIH under peer review for related study’s. NASA reviews differ in institutional needs so I hypothesis that at least common ground could be met with SBIR and NIH basic research in Minority recruiting  and possibly a recognition that some future NIH STEM researcher might find themselves in academia and SBA/SBIR .

The NASA SBIR rules are looking to preclude someone from transitioning from full-time academia to for profit SBIR work, This must make it even tougher for a minority researcher to make this sort of transition let alone anyone else.

NASA SBIR rules also seek to preclude an academic from doing both


seeking Mentor Protege

Veteran small business set aside

Steven Torry Rappolee
Terrestrial & Cislunar Exploration technologies
A Post 9/11 Veteran owned concern
810 334 4374
Fax 810 449 5484
UM Flint Student Business Incubator, #207
423 North Saginaw Street,Flint, Michigan, 48502





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