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Delta Heavy, SpaceX Heavy SSTO with Argon/Xenon Ullage gas Ion propulsion in space stage

December 25, 2014

Delta Heavy, SpaceX heavy SSTO with Argon/Xenon Ullage gas Ion propulsion in space stage


arbitrary large fuel depot/Ion powerd in space stage (ALFD  I-PISS)

SpaceX core stage 17,000 Lbs or 7.7 metric tons dry mass.

55 metric tons to LEO

Delta Heavy 23 metric tons to LEO

Delta Heavy center stage dry mass   26.4 metric tons

SpaceX Heavy

SpaceX Heavy conops

SpaceX Heavy with cross feed

SpaceX Heavy center core stage with Argon/Xenon ullage/pressurent  gas

SpaceX Heavy center stage deploys Dragon derived solar arrays

powers O2 tank cryocooler

AR&D with ARM derived space tug with 10 tons of Xenon

SpaceX Heavy center core also feeds Argon/Xenon to  ARM derived tug

SpaceX Heavy center core LO2 also vaporizes to keep ARM derived tug LXe2 in a liquid state to reduce tank mass and spacecraft volume***

ARM derived tug and spaceX core stage depart Earth orbit

*** applicable to transporting ULA fuel depots except use LH2 boil off to keep the tugs LXe2 cryogenic

We are working on LH2 Methane slush systems and Ion propulsion

seeking Mentor Protege

Veteran small business set aside

Steven Torry Rappolee
Terrestrial & Cislunar Exploration technologies
A Post 9/11 Veteran owned concern
810 334 4374
Fax 810 449 5484
UM Flint Student Business Incubator, #207
423 North Saginaw Street,Flint, Michigan, 48502

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