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Navaho air and army national guard

October 22, 2014

Navaho Air and army National Guard

The Constitution calls for the states to have a well-regulated militia however the congress has established guard units in the district of Columbia and most of the territory’s


virgin Islands

Puerto Rico

District of Columbia

How to extend legal statutes to a guard unit on a native american government?

the best way would  be to provide for this  would be through a treaty  and adoption by congress of the treaty.native american treaty rights are well established through the federal courts and provide some sovereignty VS the rights of states.30 % of the AGR and civilian civil service slots could be hired under the OPM native american set aside rules.

reestablish the code talker language branch as a 10% set aside OPM rule in a partnership with the NSA and the qualifications for these military and civil service positions would be Navajo language  abilities

establish a full service VA hospital along with my proposed VA guard/reserve joint associates unit program;

The guard reserve Veterans administration associate unit program

The guard reserve Veterans administration associate unit program

A proposed program to base an armed forces medical command unit at every Veterans administration hospital and clinic.
proposal inspired by the Air force/Guard associate unit program and the joint forces bases program.
veteran patient population and veteran administration hospital buildings and medical equipment would be the base of unlimited opportunities for reserve guard medical command units and personal.
partnerships between active duty and civil service veterans administration employees and reserve guard unit administrators could lead to unique and novel ideas and techniques for deployment,and demobilization.

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