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Nuclear powered spy sats in night time orbits for permanent eclipse 1.5

September 27, 2014

Nuclear powered spacecraft in night-time orbits

(A)(1) An “A train” of nuclear powered spy sats removed from a sun/dusk polar orbit into permanent darkness (nighttime polar synchronous orbit) for concealment from visual observers. This orbit would be in permanent ellipse.(Rappolee orbit 1) Rappolee orbit 1 is an eclipse synchronous orbit or ES-O as compared to a SS-O

(A)(2) A spy sat that is in an elliptical orbit with an apogee permanently in darkness (rappolee orbit 2) apogee would most likely be over the equator at local midnight?(or would it drift?) its been Rightly pointed out to me a higher Molniya orbit is not going to be in permanent eclipse

(B)(1) This “A train” of radar/sigint/inferred spy sats could offset their costs with hosted payloads such as military and science comsat equipment to support naval assets at sea and the Antarctic science missions.Comnav customers could route communications through to  geosynchronous from remote locations in partnership with commercial maritime communications providers

(B)(2) Does not have to be an “A train” at all, Launching into polar orbit from Vandenburg at Midnight , 2 AM  , 4 AM could give you better coverage.

Big thermodynamics questions here……………………:):):)


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