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A CARBON TAX FUELED SOCIAL SECURITY SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUND; And TVA ,a study of bond limits and earnings ratios

August 20, 2014

we want to explore the macroeconomics of the Tennessee valley authority(TVA) bond limit, bond limit to cash flow formulas and the TVA boards electrical rate setting authority.The TVA has almost reached its maximum debt limit need to build nuclear reactors;

TVA 2013 annual report

TVA 2012 annual report


secondary we want to study the relationship of the TVA to the carbon tax social security sovereign wealth fund, how can we build 6 to 15 heavy water reactors in the TVA service region without doing harm to the TVA bond debt limit of $30 Billion?could we avoid the prohibition of selling this power outside the TVA service area as now required by law?


possible solution might be that the social security sovereign wealth fund pays TVA to build and operate the plants but  the carbon tax sovereign wealth fund retains ownership and TVA purchases the power for 60 years from each plant for resale.

the sovereign wealth fund will take possession of spent nuclear fuel and build heavy water nuclear power plants on the site of existing nuclear reactors to ease the NRC regulatory burden and to burn the spent fuel using the minimal processing of the DUPIC idea.





the other ideas discussed here are very expensive;

just say no to Yucca mountain,reprocessing, interim storage!

as are transfer to a geological burial and/or interim storage,we would build a fleet of heavy water reactors to burn spent fuel at the existing sites at TVA, it would take another 60 years to burn the spent fuel to produce yet more fuel

The grand bargain

we need the 16 mostly republican senators of the states in the TVA service region to vote for a carbon tax to build 6 to 7 heavy water reactors in the TVA service area as well as 7 reactors more in South carolina savannah river DOE facility.The grand bargain includes cession of all laws in regards to yucca mountain and the implantation of policy to burn all spent fuel in heavy water reactors followed by a fleet of molten salt reactors to burn heavy water spent fuel in a nation wide program to build heavy water reactors at all existing nuclear plant sites



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