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LH2, LO2 boil off fuel cell cubesat flight experiment 2015 SBIR proposal

August 10, 2014

(A)(1) fly  SLS EM-1 on a lunar free return back to a earth flyby

(A)(2) Fly a LH2,LO2 fuel cell power by boil off from the SLS EM-1 upper stage

(A)(3) before earth flyby the cubesat deploys and power beams some of the  power through the Earths atmosphere with ground based monitoring of microwave beam characteristics

so can we deploy on a 6U a fuel cell?

can we deploy a microwave power beamer on this 6U cubesat?

can we max out on insulation on the SLS EM-1 mission upper stage?

would there be enough or any fuel remaining in the upper stage for an earth oberth burn?

would we need an oberth burn with an earth flyby to assist the NEO scout deployment?

can the other ULA long term cryogenic proposed experiments be brought to a cubesat level of deployment such as cryogenic fluid transfer?


17 August 2014

A mini microwave transmitter also validates the microwave power system on our proposed small fission reactor hybrid with the Lunar polar centaur lander

The Centaur upper stage with a small fission reactor radiator and its Xenon/Argon ullage gas in the propellent tank is generating power three ways, the last one being the radiator heating the Noble gasses and powering stirling or ranking engines.

the lander and a rover are in total darkness in a Lunar or Mercurian polar crater so the rover must be powered by a cable or a microwave beamer and it should be pointed out both the lunar and mercurian nights are long and would benefit from my unique chemical.small fission reactor power plant idea  

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