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Night Time Polar Synchronous Hybrid Chemical/NEP Stage for Classified Missions

July 26, 2014

night-time polar synchronous hybrid chemical/NEP stage for classified missions, “The B Train”

The decadal surveys proposed small fission reactor make possible to place in orbit a classified payload into orbit on the nighttime side of polar synchronous orbits with out need for solar arrays. The lack of incident radiation and visible light should render the spacecraft invisible in the visible spectrum.Possibly a night only Molniya orbit can be designed?

The small fission reactors radiator is located in one of the fuel tanks of the upper stage so as to recover heat from the radiator to power a secondary power generator.The upper stage remains with the payload  for power.The upper stage uses Xenon ullage to pressurize the tanks and after the chemical fuel burn the Xenon moderates radiation levels and transfers radiator heat to a second set of Stirling motors.

I have an entire class of missions that would be enabled by this idea here on this site ,

To include capsule pressure vessels as fission reactor cogenerators from 26 March 2014

and a new post from 27 September,

Lunar polar and deep space systems of exploration could benefit from this unusual idea of mine and I would like to interest the DARPA inter agency program offices for dual use technology.Our goal for NRO would be to be invisible to the sees sat community as well as adversary’s. Is it possible to plan a Molniya orbits in total darkness?A polar orbit in darkness is not optimal for intelligence gathering so some elliptical orbit that drifts inside the nighttime side.

this spacecraft should ride into orbit into a sun synchronous trajectory and once in darkness dog leg it over to a night-time synchronous polar orbit to further confuse the potential observer(The B Train).


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