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July 4, 2014

 The economic singularity



Instead of only having a carbon tax child generation of beneficiary 2.0 assumes everyone 67 and over 67 years after the enactment of the carbon tax receives a benefit.We assume 44 million people between 67  and over a 100 years of age at $100 a month and doubling every year afterwords

$100 per month X 12 months is $1,200 X 44 million people is $52,800,000,000

$52,800,000,000 X 2 =

$52,800,000,000 X 3

$52,800,000,000 X 4

$52,800,000,000 X 5

$52,800,000,000 X 6

$52,800,000,000 X 7

$52,800,000,000 X 8

$52,800,000,000 X 9

$52,800,000,000 X 10




So in the tenth year each beneficiary is receiving $1000 per month in addition to their social security,so this is $12,000 X 44 million people or $528 Billion per year 77 years after enactment.It helps to remember that in year 67 the fund is earning  over $3 Trillion per year.

We have in effect turned a carbon tax into an entitlement.77 years after enactment and 10 years after the first benefit payment goes out poverty among the elderly will have been eliminated, saving hundreds of Billions of dollars very year in taxpayer expenditures.

The net effect of $ 528 Billion stimulus and the saving of several hundred Billion every year is a study in itself as well as the question of a carbon tax sovereign wealth fund that is valued at $100 trillion and more a century from now, what economic theory would explain this in relation to the worlds GNP? (A) te carbon tax sovereign wealth fund “eats” the world GNP   or it owns most of the worlds stocks and capital or,(B) it “expands” the world GNP and threatens inflation?

our theory off course is that we need to invest in off world capital projects to find a home for this investment need as owning most of the earths capital would defeat the market mechanisms.spending over 70 years several trillion dollars on nuclear and green energy projects owned by the carbon tax social security sovereign wealth fund also needs new economic theory’s to allow the federal reserve and social security board to govern this fund.For example the investments made by the fund, how does it predict future employment by the funds investments

investments to include burning the nations spent fuel in heavy water reactors(DUPIC) and to in turn burn that spent fuel in molten salt reactors in tells building 300 reactors over 40 odd years at $20 Billion per reactor.if 1 reactor takes ten years to build and 1 reactor starts construction every year then 5 years on there should be 5 reactors under construction injection years on would be 10 reactors under construction at any given time with a capital investment of $40 Billion per year.

$20 Billion divide by 10 years = $2 Billion X 5 reactors under construction at any given year = $10 Billion.

$40 Billion divided by 10 years = $2 billion X 10 reactors under construction in any given year


SSI retirement-excel-Final

CTC_Carbon_Tax_Model (4) (version 1)

carbon tax-SSI-retirement-calculator

Carbon tax social security soveriegn wealth fund 1.0 assumes $250 Billion per year for 30 years invested in the worlds capital markets at 4% growth produces in 67 years $88 Trillion!




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