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A rotating world ship with a circumpolar rotating axial micro gravity ocean

March 21, 2014

A rotating world ship with a circumpolar rotating axial  micro gravity ocean questions;

A Lava Lamp generation starship or habitat!

would the circumpolar seas form a funnel?
would the circumpolar seas form rotating droplets?
would the circumpolar sea drops form weather patterns
would the rotating droplets coalesce and centrifugal forces break the surface tensions and rain down to the rotating world ship walls/surface?
would the funnel and droplets develop electrical differences?
would the funnel and droplets form a northern sea?
would the droplets and funnel produce centrifugal storms on the world ship surface/walls? ( hurricanes)

001 002 003 005 lava-lamp-starship-2

¨a further thought,
¨a rotating world ship  with an ocean at its ‘bottom” would once acceleration stopped experiencing micro gravity at the center of that sea, this portion of the sea would bow “upwards” but still be rotating, it’s this that causes our funnel.
¨ I am thinking this funnel would break into giant drops in the micro gravity center of our world ship, and that these drops would tend to coalesce and break apart (?) if the spherical ocean grew to large however the outer surface of the ocean would start to feel centrifugal force as it nears the rotating floor below, would the ocean then look like a cough drop?
¨worse would it rain down on the people below? a deep space accident to rival Noah ! So I have a science fiction story here, but I need a co author! help!
¨our world ship in this story is heading for a brown dwarf by the way…………………………:):):) so I need a brown dwarf close to the ecliptic so our world ship can dive over its north pole on a southerly ecliptic towards alpha Centauri, all good story’s need a sequel!
¨by the way our world ship has been in flight so long that the inhabitants may have lost the wisdom as to why the builders put in a micro gravity world ocean in the first place ( aquaculture 🙂 )
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