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Icarus pulse detonated ICF hybrid in space engine

January 17, 2014

Icarus/Orion  pulse detonated ICF hybrid in space engine

In 2011 we conceived a possible National Ignition facility super computer simulation experiment; it involved what we call “Teller-Ulman micro capsules as a NIF target”. There are “three flavors” of Lithium Deuteride micro capsules.

(1) heterogeneous, lithium deuteride in layers with a fissile material throughout the target.

(2) heterogeneous, lithium deuteride only with a fissile outer layer.

(3) Homogeneous, Lithium Deuteride in a homogeneous mix only.

(4) Homogeneous, Lithium Deuterium “foamed” with gases Helium.

(4)(1) Use a ICF laser system to  generate X rays to ignite a fissile outer shell of a solid  sub critical Lithium Deuteride microsule; use DOE/UC Livermore deep purple computer to model fissionable outer shells with Lithium Deuteride.Model  Helium 2 and 3 gas foamed into a solid Lithium Deuteride microsule, it should be noted that the outer very thin fissile outer shell is highly enriched bomb grade material, it’s this that is hoped makes up for short  comings in recent NIF experiments

(5) use NIF to compress and heat a rotating iron/uranium sphere, our theory is that some gas and ice giant planets emit more energy then from solar incident heating and this is done to a natural reactor phenomenon.
(5) (A) we propose that the NIF target chamber can also induce in a rotating molten iron micro capsule a magnetic field to add to our knowledge of planetary geophysics

Can Iron in the NIF produce rare earth elements when combined with fission/fusion micro capsules?

We shared these ideas back in 2011 with Dr Moses director of the NIF and with Mr Paul Gilster chief editor of the Tau Zero foundation with the belief that these Teller-Ulman micro capsules might make an economic in space engine.We also shared these ideas with the related organizations, 100 year star ship project via emails to a number of officers of that organization.
steven rappolee strappolee@gmail.comto:,,
cc: Kelvin Long <>
date: Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 9:07 AMsubject: safety of fissionable materials in the NIF and SNS target chambers ( a community college experiment 🙂 )mailed-by:

Greetings to Mr(s) Moses and Jones,
I believe I saw one of you on a TED talk or on UC television. I was
born in California and have lived in Tennessee so I am familiar with
both the NIF and SNS facilities.I have an interest in fusion power as
a future in space engine and perhaps as a destroyer of nuclear
waste.Please read the first attached document, I think such
experiments are not possible at NIF or SNS except possibly the lithium
7 experiment might be safe  for the NIF target chamber. The SNS
facility apparently slows the neutrons down robbing them of the power
to compress lithium, and here I am sure I have my physics wrong, we do
not want fusion boosted fission but something the other way around!
if its not safe to have fission targets then lets at least use some
computer time to simulate these ideas.
thanks for your time,
Steven Rappolee

EDIT 17:34 Hours

It should be noted that highly fissile micro pellets is only suitable as a in space engine

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