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Dreamchaser/Dragon commercial hosted payload polar orbiter

January 17, 2014

(A)(1) Unmanned Dream Chaser  in Sun Synchronous Polar orbit.

(A)(2) Carry’s earth observation, weather, military and Co2 sensors.

(A)(3) each sensor sells data over time or is a hosted payload that pays a fee for the ride to orbit; sensors deploy out of an enlarged Dream Chaser payload bay, Dream Chaser is inverted in flight with a solar array deployed over the side.Most likely needs a Cygnus with electrical connections to provide power.

(B)(1) Dragon brings up a crew that docks to the aft end of Dream Chaser, repair, refurbishment and instrument replacement

(B)(2) Dragon  and/or Cygnus bring up larger replacement instruments  and are used for re boost and or long-term power IE can Cygnus dock with the aft end of Dream Chaser? 

So we are advocating what might be the start of  a human tended out post in  sun synchronous  Polar orbit. sun synchronous polar orbit is populated by satellites in a long trail each vehicle several hundred miles behind or ahead. Bigelow the Dream chaser   and spaceX could be a part of this near future human orbital outpost as we advocate that this is a partially commercial venture, a private/public venture, a ESA/NASA/NOAA/DOD weather service joint venture!

We believe that it makes the most economic and technical sense to leave the unmanned Dream Chaser in high polar orbit and not to return her to earth, but this platform could return to make a landing if the economic motive where present.

EDIT 20 June 2014 OCO CO2 mission will launch soon, the video below discusses the fleet of satilights in sun synchronous orbit called the A train. A dream chaser could host many of these instruments.

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